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First critique

During the process of relocating to their new HQ in Vermont, Divine Art emailed me the first critique. It comes from a respectable high end glossy publication “Musical Opinion“. Its first issue covered J. Brahm’s Second Symphony. So it has been around for a long time. I am informed that generally the magazine tends to the more traditional side of the noise spectrum and that this particular reviewer does not do lengthy commentaries. The complete review is as follows:-

“At least, compared with the Boulez ‘Douze Notations’ [reviewed in the same issue], Eric Craven attempts to do something with the ideas he has, and although the impetus for this music might seem off-putting to some music-lovers, Craven’s 12 pieces possess more than a modicum of musical interest. There is an element of chance, as if Cornelius Cardew had never really left us and had decided to think more about what he ought to be doing in this music – which may gave you some idea of what the disc contains, but I was intrigued by much of it, and recommend it to those prepared to take a punt.”

I have been looking forward to having my music evaluated at a level such as this. I am now in with the big boys. I need to see how I am viewed by such as Robert Matthew-Walker. To have my music SET in the widest of contexts I am pleasantly surprised to see myself so favourably reviewed in the distinguished company of Pierre Boulez and Cornelius Cardew. And to be awarded 5 stars! Does Matthew-Walker think I am a hotel? On the night of receiving the email I rewarded myself by overdosing on Quality Street, not the bottle of bubbly Anthony Goldstone recommended. I have never developed a liking for champagne. Give me the cheapest whiskey with the subsequent hangover and I am kind of happy.

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