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It has taken months to complete but now it’s done.  Finished.  I am now writing the Instruction Manual, the Explanation and Guide to Performance which must accompany the piece on its journey across the Atlantic if Carson is to have any understanding of how to approach any performance of the music.  I give only the minimum of guidance, just sufficient for the performer to comprehend what my Non-Prescriptive techniques demand.  To offer more would be to contravene the ethos of Non-Prescription.

I was well into the first draft of the piece when I had a Eureka Moment.  Carson is, inter alia, an organist.   Historically, organists have been associated with and have excelled in a performance technique referred to as improvisation.  After that connection the construction of the piece became obvious.  I have presented small packets of music, just melody and rhythm, which I refer to as events.  The events are intended to serve as catalysts for the exploration and development of the data which they hold.

Visually the events are separated.  The staves upon which they are written are not continuous.  The intention of my doing this, of presenting the music in this way, is to promote different ways of thinking with respect to the realisation of a performance, about the relationships and dynamics that can be established between the events and the spaces which separate them.

All this breaches the difference in the amount of musical data given in my Low Order and High Order Non-Prescriptive formats and is referred to as Middle Order Non-Prescription.

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