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Mary Dullea possesses incredible keyboard skills and specialises in contemporary piano music.  She relishes the challenge of playing cutting edge, ink-only-just-dried scores.  She comes with no visible ego and charms with a soft southern Irish accent.  What more could I wish for in a person to record my music?  Oh – perhaps a shed load of empathy and understanding of what I am attempting with my non-prescriptive techniques.

So, it will be of no great surprise that preparations for a second CD are now well underway.  It will be a double album as Piano Sonatas 7, 8 and 9 are all large scale works.  Between them they incorporate all three levels of my non-prescriptive compositional and performance techniques.  They are quite dissimilar and have been written to provide great contrasts in each of these disciplines.  Mary has realised this – “they give me a lot to do” – and has generously said that she is “really enjoying the sonatas”.  I take this as the first positive review of the album.

Mary, Alex van Ingen and myself will be recording at Wyerstone Recording Studios near Ross on Wye next month and in November.  The Directors and Trustees of the Nimbus Foundation have very generously awarded me one of their Gift Days which allows me one free day of recording at their studio.

Momentum is now established.  Mary is busy preparing the music.  I am looking forward to meeting her in London a few days prior to the first recording session when she will perform and discuss with me how she is approaching the realisations.

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