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Forward Slowly

Three days after the recording of Piano Sonata No. 8, I received a first edit from an enthusiastic sounding Sound Engineer. Alex could not wait to hear what he had harvested at Wyastone. Mary then proceeded to edit the three Sonatas and Lo! the 24th December brought gifts of the masters of Sonatas 7, 8 & 9. My very own gold, frankincense and myrrh moment.

Shortly after, in January, Divine Art Records trailered and advertised the forthcoming disc. In its Future Releases section it predicted that the C.D. was to “make a splash”!

And now to the sleeve notes. I have known Dr. Scott McLaughlin for many years. Many are the evenings I have enjoyed his company as he has spoken so authoritively, comprehensively and beguilingly about matters musical. I very soon realised that I was insufficiently bright enough to not understand a great deal of what he said so it was most obvious that he should ideally be placed with the task of explaining Non Prescription and introducing the three Sonatas to the world. Despite being incredibly occupied with the demands of being lecturer in Composition and Music Technology, inter alia, at Leeds and Huddersfield Universities and being a most active and productive composer, he readily agreed to undertake this task. We met one afternoon in the gloom and chill of Huddersfield at the Music Department of the University. I was interrogated, my semi- articulate responses recorded, scores were handed over, hands were shaken. Scott fifteen minutes late for his next appointment.

Last week I received a first partial draft of his work in progress. A kaleidoscope of original thinking, references and insights. The script bursts with pregnant promise. I hope that Scott with his commitments of teaching, concerts and composition can maintain momentum and complete in the next few weeks so that Divine Art can then commence the assembly of the final product.

And Peter Vodden, the previously mentioned Data Analyst, makes yet another appearance, contributes to the narrative again. For several years Peter has produced digital art work based on fractal sources and patterns. He displays examples on his website petervodden.wordpress.com. I just knew I wanted this kind of art for the cover of the C.D. case. I asked. Within hours I was sent a most wonderful, gently-hued, nuanced , understated, minimalist, contemporary, cool image. No hesitation here. I immediately sent it on to Divine Art and Stephen Sutton approved.

My friend’s artwork on the cover, Scott’s comprehensive,authoritative sleeve notes and some wonderful photos of Mary recording at Wyastone taken by Alex to be included in the booklet. All contributing in their various different ways to Mary’s wonderful performances and realisations.

I am fortunate to be amongst such gifted, able, wonderful people.

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