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It is five weeks since I plucked my fingertip from the door frame, wrapped it tenderly in kitchen towel and conveyed it optimistically to the hospital only to see it cast into the black carnivorous maw of a waste disposal bin. That could act as a metaphor for so many things in life.

This accident has not prevented me from composing although I find it frustrating sometimes not to be able to try out what I write on the keyboard (the keyboard and my fingers have always acted as secondary cognitive centres) but I have found this to be not at all a negative situation.

At present the wound is intolerant of any pressure resulting from the striking of keys other than non-percussive, Feldman-like ppp articulations.   By the time I next I write a blog post I feel certain this condition will have improved.

To my amazement and great delight the finger is regenerating. I am growing a new fingertip! This miracle  must surely be a consequence of my amphibian DNA. I am slowly regaining some lost millimeters. The Gods are favouring me, are looking upon me kindly.

I would like to thank all those who have sent their commiserations and good wishes. It is heartening to think that so many people care. In particular I would like to mention a Mr. F. Hobson of London who, obviously concerned about my potential loss of span, suggests that I enquire into the purchase of a keyboard which has narrower keys.   Thank you, Frank, for your positive and radical idea which I will bear in mind.

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Last week I managed to trap the little finger of my right hand in a rapidly closing door. I was careless, distracted at the time. I have lost about 4 mm or, in terms of span, a semitone, possibly a tone.

I took the severed part of my finger to the hospital which, fortunately, has a Hand Trauma Unit but, because of the crushing nature of the injury, the doctors were of the opinion that if they did attempt to re-attach it there would be less than 5% chance of success.

Their decision is to leave the injury to heal and then evaluate what can be done at that point.   At the present the main concern is that infection does not set in triggering complications.

Whatever challenges this setback throws up for me as a pianist, I will meet and overcome.   I like major and minor 9ths far too much to allow myself any other consideration.

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