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The review is written by editor Jeremy Condliffe whose family runs this independently- owned weekly newspaper. Since it was founded in 1893 this journal has had only four editors. I find that quite remarkable. It typically distributes 16,000 copies across south Cheshire and north Staffordshire.

Unfortunately, the link provided gives access to only the first paragraph of the review and I somehow do not think that you will subscribe to read the full article. In lieu, here are some extracts:

“Ms Dullea improvises where she needs to, and like a good writer can ape the style of different people, she presumably does a good job of inserting what Craven wants; perhaps he doesn’t want anything, just something. He is non-prescriptive after all.

“What does it sound like? It lacks most of what music normally possesses but is neither unstructured or formless … and it is never strident or intrusive.

“It also reminds us of Steve Hillage’s seminal ambient album, Rainbow Dome Musick which just emerges for a while then stops.

“Basically: nice piano, expect mood more than tunes.”

That’s quite some connect. Rainbow was written in 1979. It was a music ambient conception that was pioneering, ahead of its time. It was one of the very first of the genre of electronic psychedelic that became so popular in the 1980s. Just what is the connection that Mr. Conliffe is attempting to make here? Perhaps the answer lies in his last sentence:





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