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“Set for Piano” is finally released upon an unsuspecting multiverse.   Looking back over the last two years, yes it has been so long ago since the “letter from America” arrived so unexpectly through my letterbox, I must say that working with Stephen Sutton of Divine Art Recordings Group has been a most positive experience.   I am not the easiest person to work with.   I can be difficult I am told but Stephen, having probably realised this from the moment he read my first letter to him, has “managed” me with the greatest of understanding, support and enthusiasm especially concerning my reluctance to offer any biog for the C.D. sleeve.   He resolved this little problem by reviewing all the emails that had passed between us and from them constructed some explanation for what I have become.

To date my music has been exposed to a small circle of friends and at concerts where the audiences have been comprised of musicians, not always safe environments but mostly ones which have large quantities of intelligent empathy.   But today is Big Bang day (or Little Whimper).   What amount of attraction will it gain in the wider public domain?   How will the Non-Prescriptive compositional and performing techniques be received?

Brandon Music Publishing are presently engaged in producing the printed scores for The Set.   Hopefully, this music will be available in July.

“Set for Piano”

The CD recording of “Set for Piano” is available from Divine Art Records or any good record store.

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