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And now …. an email from Carson Cooman saying how much he has enjoyed listening to the SET, especially TWELVE, the non -prescriptive element of which has caught his attention.  He has also asked if I would write a piece for organ.  He collects organ pieces from all corners of the planet, he has amassed more than one hundred and fifty.  No, Carson, I am not at all interested in becoming another addition to that pile, but I will write you something in non-prescriptive format.  Don’t exactly know what yet.  I have Piano Sonata no. 8 to complete first.   I have composed quite a few pieces for organ.  I was given free access to a three manual Jardine at my local church in Moston.  I used to enjoy sitting at the illuminated console on dark nights in a darkened church enjoying huge rich sounds coming from the pipes, fifty or so yards away.

Carson?  He is a resident composer at Harvard University USA.  He is a most prolific composer.  I have listened to his music.  I hear echoes of Ives and Copland.  Big, ambitious choral and orchestral works, often ebullient, bursting with energy.  I have told him that he will, in due course, take his place in the great pantheon of American great composers.  He does not need me to inform him that this is his destiny but I have anyway just to ensure that he is cognizant of his responsibility and his inheritance.

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